Tell Me You Love Me

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Tell Me You Love Me is comprised of three tales of love, passion and loss. Read Germaine and Paul’s story about a married couple going through the motions when a sexy stranger unknowingly enters their mix. While one spouse is wrapped up in a three-way affair, the second becomes entangled up in a torrid relationship. Their once dull coupling soon becomes a myriad of secrets and lies, spiraling out of control with each spouse questioning their loyalty towards each other. Only time will tell if they can work through their issues or if they decide to call it quits. Pilar and Caprizzio are two people who go from employer and employee to boyfriend and girlfriend. Caprizzio wants to take it to the next step, but a dark secret from Pilar’s past keeps her emotionally cemented in the same spot. Caprizzio is torn between his feelings for her and his own sanity. In the end, he makes the best choice for his future. Mikki is a round the way girl from the block that has everything going for her: she’s one of the hottest girls in the hood with a bright future ahead of her. She’s also the girlfriend of one of the biggest gangsters in the city of Chicago. An accidental meeting with Savion, an aspiring rapper, sends Mikki in a whirlwind, and she begins a friendship with ‘the guy who isn’t from up north’. Their friendship quickly morphs into something more than she bargained for, Mikki is faced with making a choice between hood fame and true love. Each of these couples are faced with dealing with everyday issues that everyone has faced at some point in their lives. From questioning of a lover’s fidelity to past hurts contributing to current turmoil, each story has one common denominator: love. How we love and why we make the choices we do in relationships. These are the stories about those five words that has the potential to make anyone smile when they’re with that special one: Tell me you love me.