Sisters of the Mist (French Quarter Mystery)

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When Desire Vallee's twin sister Dauphine jumps to her death from New Orleans' Crescent City Connection Bridge, Desire mistakenly blames her lover P.I. Wyatt Thomas. In her grief, she joins a nunnery and disappears. As time passes, the premonition that Desire is in grave danger begins to overcome Wyatt. As former N.O.P.D. homicide detective Tony Nicosia and assistant Federal District Attorney Eddie Toledo search for a missing quarter horse owned by the local mob boss Frankie Castellano, Wyatt enlists the assistance of friends to find Desire and rescue her from potential peril. The search leads them through rarely visited dark alleys, strange cemeteries, Bourbon Street on Halloween night, and into the nearby Honey Island Swamp, the largest and best-preserved river swamp in the world. Will Tony and Eddie find Castellano's lost horse? Will Wyatt find the mysterious convent where Desire is cloistered? Prepare yourself for an action-packed fantasy-fest with an ending that could only happen in New Orleans, the most haunted city on earth.