Ridgeback Tales

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Brave Tsavo, the first Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, never dies. An African nature god blessed him with multiple lives, and he returns again and again as a boon to the people he loves. Follow Tsavo's heroic journey from the Dark Continent to the 9/11 disaster site to his life as a loyal shapeshifting companion who crosses the genetic line between man and animal. Colorful African mythology and my lifelong fondness for fantasy literature have inspired Ridgeback Tales. I am also convinced that dog-to-owner mental telepathy actually exists, because my own Ridgeback, Mister Brown, dictated these stories himself with unrelenting hound talk that coaxed me to write every day. When you finish the last story, you will ache for more. When that happens, take your own beloved dog for a walk and ask, “What do you think happens next?”