Primal Creatures

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P.I. Wyatt Thomas is more than a French Quarter sleuth. Much more. Whenever a new client needs someone to investigate ghosts, psychic possession, or the paranormal and supernatural backside of New Orleans, Wyatt Thomas is the one to call. Forty miles south of New Orleans, Goose Island may as well be in another world. Five feet out of shallow waters of south Louisiana’s wetlands, the secluded island is home of the Tracists Monastery. It’s also a resort frequented by actors, screenwriters, and powerful producers in the burgeoning Louisiana film industry. When a heinous death occurs on the island, a movie producer hires Wyatt, the French Quarter’s favorite paranormal detective, private investigator, P.I. and sleuth, to find out whom or what killed the victim. Was it wild dogs, or a rougarou (Cajun werewolf) as the local voodoo woman prophesies? Wyatt is an alpha male with a dangerous reputation who is witty, humorous and deadly sexy. Once on Goose Island, he experiences primal urges that run the gamut of desire, carnal instincts, passion, darkest fears, and horrifying truths. Can he withstand the alluring romantic advances of a beautiful aging actress staying at the resort? Will he survive death by the rougarou, or the deadly hurricane taking direct aim at the monastery? Will his cat Kisses survive all three? Primal Creatures is a humorous horror story, psychic thriller, ghost mystery and romantic bayou suspense novel. The book is a must read page turner. As one reader said, "If you love New Orleans and Louisiana, this writer will take you there."12910887-782017581929909-587791661-n-320x320.jpg