Mother's Day 9-Piece Fragrance Filled Tote

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This tote includes one Lilac Blossoms Large Classic Jar Candle, one Color Me Happy Small Tumbler Candle, one Peaches & Cream Samplers® Votive Candle, one Lilac Blossoms Samplers® Votive Candle, one Coconut Beach Fragrance Spheres™, one Wine Glass Charming Scents Charm, one Pink Sands™ Novelty Car Jar® Ultimate, and one Optic Blue Glass Votive Candle Holder.


Lilac Blossoms—An alluring grove of lavender, white and deep purple lilacs. Color Me Happy—Filled with lush mango and bright tropical sunlight, then sweetened with peach and a smile of vanilla. Peaches & Cream—A wonderful swirl of thick, sweet cream and juicy peach. Coconut Beach—A taste of the tropics—warm coconut blended with pineapple and Tahitian vanilla. Pink Sands™—It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.