Little People® Spill 'n Surprise Island

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How do you get little ones to enjoy bath time? You pour on the fun with a floating bath toy like the Little People® Spill ‘n Surprise Island, where tropical adventures await everywhere.

Fill up the turtle scoop and pour water through the treetop to make a flamingo magically appear. Or fill the bucket on top of the slide and watch it tip, sending water spilling back into the tub. And don’t miss the dolphin sightings offshore — this one floats and squirts water! There’s even a Little People® beach buddy figure to walk over the bridge, slide down the slide and keep the sea creatures (and your little bather) company.

  • Loads of fill & spill and scoop & pour fun
  • See what pops up — pour water through treetop to play peek-a-boo with the flamingo!
  • Fill & spill bucket — fill it up and watch it tip
  • Squirty dolphin — get the towels ready!
  • Includes floating island with turtle scooper, dolphin squirter, and Little People® figure
  • Little People® figures are kid-sized — perfect for kid-sized hands