Hope Rises-Rediscovering Beauty After the Fires

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In October of 2017 Northern California was hit with one of the worst Firestorms in history. Over 5,500 homes were lost to the Storm and an equal amount of jobs. When it was finally over we witnessed entire neighbors that looked like warzones and had to say good-bye to over 40 of our neighbors. You cannot explain the enormous amount of loss. You cannot imagine the pain until you witness the beauty that once was, the sorrow that swept through and the incredible strength that rose from the ashes! Our book, Hope Rises- Rediscovering beauty after the fires, is about strength and HOPE. It contains 28 heartfelt poems and over 100 amazing photographs of Northern CA. This book is our history. This is US. This is life, RAW and unedited. Join us as we heal ourselves and others. All profits from our book are being donated back to our community. Hope is everything. Together, we can KEEP HOPE RISING! C.R. Phipps/Author Marlene Ortiz Smith/Co-Author/Photographer Scott Hartley/Publisher