Golden Security Touch screen keypad LCD display WIFI & GSM 2-in-1 + 360 degree IP Camera with Auto Dial,Motion Detectors

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  • Golden Security Alarm System--- This alarm system kits included one host and 19 accessories. With customize and expand alarm system, the wireless door window sensor is perfect to protect your house. It can be a full range of protect your house. It can add 100pcs accessory devices function, and you can operate these accessories by add these into the G90B host, this item can protect your home effectively.
  • Easy To Use--- All things have been pre-matched, you just install it and it will work well. Just plug in the host, then learning the accessories one by one by the host. Also you can download a APP so that you can operate these accessories by your phone.
  • Protect House At Night: The PIR Sensor can protect you home in all-round directions. Place it in the different places, needn’t worry about the safety of your house, even at night. The PIR Sensor has a 10m detection distances, you’ll get a call from the host when someone try to into your house.
  • Real-Time Record--- Do you want to know everything in your house? The 360-degree IP camera can meet your requirements. By adding this function into the host and learning this program, you can watch the Real-time situation on your phone. It’s convenience for your life.
  • Door Window Sensor--- Place the door window sensor on the door/window, you will receive alarm message when someone sneak into your home through the window or door. Protect your house. Please note the installation method of door window sensor, or it won't work.


Golden Security Home Alarm System is a reliable life guard.It provide a 7/24 all-round protection for your families and properties. It’s equipped with many useful functions: Send alarm texts/phone calls; Achieve two-way intercom; Operate on smart phone and remotes; Work with IP camera; Delay arm and etc. All the functions can meet your needs to a great extend.

  • 6 Designated Phone Numbers: When someone intrudes your house, the system will send alarm texts and phone calls to the phone numbers one by one.
  • The Intercom Function: Children can contact their parents via using the intercom when the emergencies happened.
  • App and Remotes Control Function: It is easy to operate. You can do arm/disarm orders by both of them. The only differences between them is the remote control only can be used at home.
  • Delay Arm Function :Offers you a time slot to leave your house without triggering the alarm system.
  • 3 Defense Line
  • 24hrs Defense Line:No matter the host is under arm status or disarm status, sensors in 24hrs defense line will always work                      
  • 1st Defense Line: Sensors in 1st defense line will work when host is under away arm and home arm status while they won’t   work under disarm Status
  • 2nd Defense Line: Sensors in 2nd line will only work when host is under away arm status, they won’t work under arm or disarm status.