Fortress Security Store DIY Total Security Alarm System B Kit

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  • Do-It-Yourself Wireless Home/Business Security with 24/7 Optional Monitoring, this alarm system is complete with wireless sensors and sirens with built in GSM auto dialer that are fully programmed to ensure a easy instaliton
  • Wi-Fi camera compatibility which can be viewed in real time through the Total Security application including 2-way chat, 360 degree view, and 720p High-Definition (added accessory). Quickly and easily access a real time view of your house in the instance you receive a alarm notification
  • Mic for FREE remote monitoring and two way communication; you have the ability to communicate with others while on the go through the main panel. Easy to secure your home or business with this DIY home security alarm kit
  • Control your system remotely with a FREE smartphone application for both Android and IOS devices including arming and disarming appliances with optional outlet add on. Wireless communication and free remote monitoring with this easy to install alarm system.
  • Ready-To-Arm feature ensures that your home is completely secure before the system will arm. The Total Security main panel can notify you via SMS texts when the system is armed, disarmed or armed in home mode making you aware when monitoring has been changed. Program up to 6 phone numbers- convenient for when you are traveling to ensure your alarm system notifications are being checked on and your home or business is secure.


The Fortress Total Security-B kit is a versatile wireless alarm system. This kit comes equipped with enough sensors to adequately secure larger homes, offices, or businesses. 
Remote application control allows you to access securiy alarm logs, disarming and arming events, and to make any settings changes from anywhere that you have a cellular signal. With an outdoor wireless alarm siren, built in alarm siren on the panel, and an indoor wireless plug-in strobe siren, this DIY securtiy alarm system is sure be loud enough to deter burglars and notify neighbors of an intruder’s presence. 
The home security system requires a SIM card to call or text in the event of a break in as well as to use the application for remote access. This system uses 3G/4G cellular technology to place calls and send text messages. 
Total Security System B Includes

1 x Fortress Total Security Main panel 
3 x Fortress Total Security Motion Sensors 
3 x Fortress Total Security Remote Fobs 
4 x RFID Key Tags 
10 x Fortress Total Security Door/Window Contacts 
1 x Panic Button 
1 x Fortress Indoor/Outdoor Strobe Siren