Come Undone-Real Or Fantasy #1

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Real Or Fantasy is an erotic series, filled with greed, lust, murder and obsession...the characters in each story are placed in situations that are sometimes out of their control, but mostly of their own doing. The plots of each book have twists and turns that make you think you are on a roller-coaster; and you feel like you are part of the story... When I created this series, I wanted the reader---after reading the book(s)---to wonder, "Is it Real Or Fantasy"...? Below, you will see excerpts from each of the stories in the first book---

Come Undone: Terry could taste the blood---slightly salty and metallic. She winced when her tongue brushed against her swollen lip. She tried to move her hands, but her arms were heavy, like lead, and she could feel her wire bonds as they bound her hands tightly against her back, and cut into the already-raw flesh of her wrists. Terry strained, listening for any familiar sounds that might help her to figure out where she was, or whom had taken her, but the only sounds that were audible was her ragged breath, her pounding heart, that hurt so bad from beating so hard and fast; and outside, off in the distance, the sound of a foghorn was carried on the wind. Terry felt the wire bonds loosen slightly, and she silently cried out in elation. Then she heard it: low at first, that Terry thought she had imagined it. She turned towards where she thought the noise had come from; her heart pounded fiercely inside her chest as she thought about all the horror movie clichés, and she had to laugh out loud. "Who's there," She called out hoarsely. Terry closed her eyes tightly, hoping that her captors didn't hear, and decide to investigate. Silence.... Sweet Surrender: Terry’s thoughts turned to what Richard may have planned for her and her heart skipped a beat, remembering their last conversation. “Hey, where’d you go?” Richard asked. Terry blinked, not realizing that the band had finished, and she and Richard were left alone. “I was just thinking about our last conversation,” Terry said. She caught the smile that touched Richard’s lips, and knew he remembered, too. He took her hand and led Terry out the side door, to the back of the arena where the band’s tour bus was parked. The bus was empty, as the other guys had gone to their hotel rooms to relax before the show. Terry sat down and Richard joined her, handing her a glass of champagne. “I seem to remember that it’s your birthday,” He said. Terry nodded. “Well, I am glad that you decided to spend it with me,” Richard smiled. He moved closer to her on the sofa, and for the first time since she has known him, Terry looked really deep into Richard’s eyes, and saw that there were traces of green there, as well as blue. Richard took the glass from Terry, then took her hand and pulled her towards him. “Richard, are you sure no one will be coming in here looking for you?” Terry whispered breathlessly, her voice husky with desire. Richard reached out and locked the door. “They won’t unless they knock first.” He teased, his mouth turned up in that sexy, come-hither smile that just melted your heart. Outside, Terry heard voices and flurry of activity as the road hands bustled about, getting things ready for that night’s show. She snapped back when she felt Richard’s fingers lightly brush her bare arms. “We can stop….” Richard whispered, his mouth inches from her ear. “Tell me you don’t want me to go on….tell me to stop; I dare you.” He added coaxingly. Terry felt her heart jump when Richard pulled her against his body and covered her mouth with his. She moaned softly as his tongue teased her lips before finding its way inside her mouth. She melted against him, her fingers lightly skimming his arms. In her mind, Terry played out the next scene like the pages of a steamy romance novel….she could hear the words she whispered to Richard, could see the way she touched him….bringing him to the edge of desire. “Don’t stop….” She whispered, tugging on Richard’s shirt, hinting for him to take it off. “I have been thinking about this day for a while, and now that we’re here, I am not letting it get away.” Sweet Surrender #2: For the next hour, Terry was engrossed in taking orders. She didn't even realize that everyone had gone---until Richard came over to the table, holding two glasses and a bottle of champagne. "Why Richard, are you trying to get me drunk, then take advantage of me?" She asked sultrily, her voice just above a whisper. The cork popped; Richard looked over his shoulder at Terry, his blue eyes dancing mischievously, and his mouth turned up in that all-too-familiar smile that melted a girl's heart. He poured Terry the first glass of wine, then sat down across from her. Terry took a long, deliberate sip, her gaze never wavering from his. "If that was my intention, would I really need wine....?" Richard asked quietly. Terry's stomach fluttered when he took her hand in his, and began to massage her palm. She closed her eyes, biting her lip when his massage traveled to her wrist and her heart jumped with each circular motion of Richard's thumb. "I seem to recall a night, way back ten years ago," He whispered. "And this was exactly the same way things started then, too...." Terry remembered that night, ten years earlier, all too well.... She closed her eyes, letting the memory of 2002 wash over her: she was back in Richard's room, his body pressed tightly against hers, his mouth ravaging her; Terry felt dizzy, her desire making her about to explode. Her heart jumped when she felt Richard's hands slowly sliding down the length of her body, his fingers finding the outline of her full breasts through her blouse. Terry gasped, and then moaned softly, and she arched her body towards him, making it easier for his fingers to tease her nipples, coaxing them to life. Richard's mouth found her neck and he trailed fiery kisses along her jaw line, her collarbone, stopping just at the pulse point of her throat. "You know you want to stay...." Richard coaxed, burying his face in Terry's hair. "I want make love to you all night, and then do it all over again." He whispered in her ear, telling her everything he was going to do to her "Richard...." Terry called his name on a breath, dizziness washing over her, and she felt drunk. Richard pressed up against her body again, and Terry could feel how much he wanted her; she wanted nothing more than to give into her desires, and stay with him all night....But, rationality burst through her desire-filled haze and brought her back to reality, and the fact that she hadn't come to the concert alone.... "Richard, I want you," Terry whispered, pulling away from him, hoping the distance would help clear her head. "I just...." She stopped abruptly, not really knowing why she couldn't stay with him; she wasn't attached to anyone. It wasn't like she would be cheating... Richard's mouth turned up in that familiar lop-sided grin, and Terry felt her will-power waver slightly. "I really hope your friend appreciates your sense of loyalty," He said quietly, his voice tinged with annoyance. But, still, he stepped closer to her; he cupped her chin, his thumb massaging her jaw in one last-ditch effort to get her to stay. "Richard, I have to go...."