Boss Status: Loving A Street King

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Most of the residents of East Wilmington, Delaware will tell you to give up hope. The biggest struggle in their city is getting out, you gotta get in where you fit in. Troy, LaFlair, Corey and Poseidon all grew up as brothers in the streets with their own share of struggles in the Hilltop neighborhood. Instead of aspiring to be doctors, lawyers and politicians, they had dope boy dreams with schoolboy realities. Troy’s stepfather Khor was the reigning King of Wilmington and it was well known throughout the city that he would pass down his grip on the streets to his son when he was ready to retire. In a crazy turn of events, he met the love of his life, Love. Love was a typical kingpin’s daughter: prep school scholar, captain of the pom team, and all around good girl. Meeting Troy for the first time was supposed to be casual, but his charm immediately intrigued her, she had to find out more. Venturing into unknown territory, she sought him out in his element and their mutual attraction was undeniable. LaFlair was Wilmington’s prodigal son: born to two dope fiends, life in general wasn’t scheduled for him to succeed. When Troy’s new girlfriend Love introduced him to her best friend Becky, his fascination with the female form quickly turned from temporary playthings to something more. Known as The Lieutenant on the streets, Corey was the master of logistics, keeping each man’s hands clean while they kept the streets dirty. Finding out that his long term girlfriend was the girl who was everybody’s friend, he decided to switch his focus elsewhere. A chance meeting with Antigone gave him a totally different outlook on life, and he wanted to do everything in his power just to see her smile. Poseidon’s troubled home life was his cross to bear when it came to learning what a loving, healthy relationship looked like. After experiencing a devastating tragedy, he set his sights to purposely destroy Troy’s budding relationship with Love for no other reason than the green eyed monster: jealousy. His actions morphed into the beginning of the end for not just a twenty plus year friendship, but their bond as brothers. Each man takes a shot at love while building their reputations in the town where gangsters are celebrated and positive role models are ignored more than the police. How do they handle it when the women that hold their hearts are keeping more secrets than most? Take a peek into the lives of four men who are saluted as bosses on every street corner, and the trials and tribulations brought about by the women they love.