Blood Diamond

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Blood Diamond Black Grace – Book One Be careful what you wish for… Damien Black. A self-made man. Owner and CEO of Black Enterprises, LLC. Purveyor of rare goods. Exhausted from extensive travel to secure a shipment of rare Blood Diamonds. His life was rich. Full of everything he could possibly want. From his collection of luxury cars to dominating beautiful women, his tastes were singular. He was the darkness, in every sense of the word. His world was about to be turned upside-down. Abigal Grace. By all appearances a lady of refinement. A quiet librarian who never needs to raise her voice to get attention. An intellectual who never left college. It’s a mystery how many Doctorate degrees she has. Her complexion so fair, it appears she’s never seen sunlight. But this quiet beauty has other secrets.

Two people from different worlds, caught in each other’s cross-hairs. So polar opposite they are drawn to each other, yet so alike in many ways that could tear them apart