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Once you join the On Demandables bonus and rewards program, you will get charged each month. You will get worldwide promotion; this will allow you to gain fans, and reach out to a wider audience. Also, it will give you a spot on the Brian and Ellen in the morning show, weekdays 7 am to 10 am  PST, which has a listening audience of over 7 million worldwide, as a sponsor.


1: Register in the store: by registering, you are not obligated to buy anything, and you will not get spammed. But we cannot promote you unless you are registered; that is where most of your promotion will take place.

2: Register for bonus and rewards: This is a perk, by achieving bonus and reward points you can get free stuff. You can also get bonus points by promoting yourself.

3: Send us information; email Ellen at  Send her the information so we can set up your page in our store.

4: Our customers get bonus and reward points by sharing. Every time they share your product or promotion, they get points to buy products. This will enhance your marketing to a wider audience.