Ain't No Thug Like The One I Got

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Meet Brick, Kendall and Chyvonne. Brick is a self-proclaimed playa with a woman at home, yet always on the prowl for something else. Spending his days cruising the streets of Minneapolis, Brick has an eye for ‘talent’, putting aside the fact that he’s a stay at home father. He’s known in the streets, but not as a hustler, more as a lame. His fiancé, Diamond, works hard at her job as a corporate manager in order to provide for her family, but has little time for him. Missing her affections, Brick hits the streets looking for what he’s missing at home, where he meets Kendall. Kendall is a sixteen year old enjoying life. Although she doesn’t engage in drugs or run the streets, her friends do. Kendall is always finding herself caught up in someone else’s problems based on the company she keeps. Unbeknownst to her, her best friend Mya has a special kind of hate for her, and pulls her strings every time she gets a chance. Just when she decides to turn her life around and do the right thing, she finds herself once again a victim of circumstance. Chyvonne, Kendall’s sister, grew up being bullied by her younger sister. A practical joke serves as a turning point during which she decides to make her own destiny. Deep down, Chyvonne has a big heart and loves her sister in spite of her hate towards her. Despite Kendall’s animosity toward her, Chyvonne still provides for her when her parents don’t. During a trying time in the family, Chyvonne meets Brick and decides to get back at her sister for tormenting her throughout her teenage years. The lives of this trio are constantly intertwined, from Kendall’s kidnapping, to her best friend Mya’s murder, from Chyvonne’s current lifestyle to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Brick’s daughters. In the end, someone hiding in the shadows holds all the answers to the questions that continually surface between these three. Follow their story through the streets of Minneapolis as Kendall finally comes of age too late, Chyvonne realizes that family will treat you worse than friends, and Brick proves himself to be the thug that his woman deserves.